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Sam enjoys the perks of a Gap Year

Posted by on 11 February 2015 | 0 Comments


A gap year program was the perfect way for Sam to enjoy the perks of living in Germany.  Staying with a German family in Berlin, Sam is teaching English to Emilia and Johanna, in return for meals and accommodation.  Sam is required to provide 15 hours a week teaching or conversing in English with members of her family.  Her weekends are free to enjoy the culture and sites of Berlin.  Here is an extract of her experience.

'I'm loving Germany so far, it's been an amazing experience.  The Buhlert family are fantastic, they are really funny and welcoming.  I absolutely love living with them.  Christmas and New Years was really fun because it was very different to Australia.  With my host family we celebrated Xmas on the 24th December.  All the extended family came over and we had raclette (a cheese based dish).  On New Years we stayed at home and played games.  It was crazy and really cool hearing all the home fireworks in Berlin, because in Australia fireworks are illegal without a license.'

Samantha continues, 'Emilia and Johanna are great - they are lovely kids and are always lots of fun to sit and play games with and teach.  They seem to be learning many new words and over the last few weeks their sentences, have really improved.  I think they are speaking alot better and more confidently than they were when I first arrived.'

The  biggest surprise for Sam is a week's skiing in the alps.  Whilst Sam is not a keen skiier, she is looking forward to spending a week with the family in the alps.

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