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Winter Update - 2 weeks before school is out

Posted by on 15 June 2010 | 0 Comments

Today is a great day! It's my 5 month anniversary and it's less than 2 weeks before school gets out and the kids are on summer break...when we're not travelling this summer, I plan on spending a lot of time by the pool since it's over 35 degrees with 100% humidity almost everyday here.

I don't think I have sent an update since our trip to Florida. I had such a great time with my host family. I have been blessed with an amazing host family who are very generous and understanding. In Florida we went on a safari and saw so many animals. I even held a baby aligator!! Our hotel was right on the beach and when we weren't eating amazing food we were swimming and playing by the water. I forgot how much fun the beach was with kids.

Because the girls love the beach so much we took a day trip to Ocean City, Maryland, on Saturday after Avery's soccer final. She lost but we had so much fun at the beach that nobody remembered anyway. The kids went boogie boarding and made sand castles and it was a really great day! I hope to get down to Virginia Beach this weekend too.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with friends watching the world cup. Unfortunately the Socceroos...well, we all know how it went :( Regardless of the score, it was an awesome day and I made so many friends with my Socceroos jersey on. I think people took pity on me.

Right now I have a tonne of zucchini bread baking that I better go check on. We are growing our own organic vegies in the backyard and have managed to grow 35cm long zucchinis! I always thought the larger vegies were genetically modified but after I was mistaken. I cant wait for the watermelons to take off!

Hope you all stay warm through the winter.

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