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Au Pair France

Work as an Au Pair in France for up to 12 months!

This program is for you if you wish to combine your commitment to children with your wish to spend a valuable and exciting year in France. Become immersed in authentic French life and culture as a local - not as just a backpacker or tourist. When living with a host family for a year, you’ll provide care for their children and gain the in-depth experience of living as a family member in a French household.

The Au Pair program is designed as a win-win for both you and your host family. It is neither just a cheap holiday for you nor cheap childcare for the family. You will become a family member, enjoying all the rights and privileges of family life - you’ll also share the obligations and chores that go with it. But, in your free time, you’ll have the opportunity to meet friends, do sports and go out.

Plus, you’ll receive Euros to brush up on your French language skills at evening college!

You’ll work for up to 35 hours per week doing childcare and light housework. You may be required to babysit for a couple of evenings per week. But you’ll also have up to two free days weekly to explore your new community and earn up to 90 Euros/week pocket money.

"Things are going well here in France! I’m settling in well, getting to know the routine and my French is improving each day." Chloe Muller.

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