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  1. What does 'Au Pair' mean?
  2. Can I extend my program?
  3. Can I Study in Germany?
  4. How much childcare experience do I need?
  5. I do not have my driver's licence yet. Can I still apply?
  6. Will I get to travel?
  7. How does payment for my international air ticket work?
  8. What’s the predeparture orientation project all about? 
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 What does 'Au Pair' mean?
The word ‘Au Pair’ is a French term translating as ‘on par’ or ‘equal to’. As an Au Pair in Germany you are welcomed into a German family’s home to live as a member of their family, helping them to care for their children while at the same time immersing yourself in a new culture.

 Can I extend my program?
Yes, you and your host family have the option to continue the program together for up to 18 months.

 Can I study in Germany?
Yes, as part of the Au Pair program you are encouraged to take classes to complement your German language learning.

 How much childcare experience do I need?
You need to have had at least 6 months document experience with infants, and at least 200 hours of recent child care experience with children under 2 years before your departure. The more experience you have, the more confident you will be and the better the chances of you being accepted. Child care experience is the top priority for our host families when selecting their Au Pair. We therefore recommend that you get as much experience as possible before you leave.

 I do not have my driver's licence yet. Can I still apply?
It is not a requirement of the program that all Au Pairs hold a valid driver’s licence. However, host families which have a car and want you to drive will be more open to hosting you if you do have a licence. If you don’t have a licence but still wish to apply, that’s OK. Some host families from metropolitan areas don’t have cars. If you do have a licence, and you are placed with a host family that requires you to drive, the host family will arrange an insurance policy for you. However, you will have to pay the excess should you be involved in an accident that is your fault. That excess could be up to €300.

 Will I get to travel?
Yes. You will have free time to travel on some weekends and you’ll earn up to four weeks holiday. Also, at the end of the program you may travel depending on any visa restrictions that might apply to you.

 How does payment for my international air ticket work?
Our German partner, together with the host family, books a one-way ticket for the Au Pair if the Au Pair commits to 12 months. Flight information is e-mailed to the Au Pair. If the Au Pair commits to 6 months, then the Au Pair is responsible for all booking and payment.

Approximately 4 months before the end of a 12 month program, the Au Pair will liaise with the German partner and host family regarding booking and paying for the Au Pair’s return home.

 What’s the pre-departure orientation project all about?
The pre-departure project is a unique plan that Au Pairs create for sharing their background, culture and childcare experiences with their new host family. Experience has shown that Au Pairs benefit tremendously from the project as it helps them to focus on the Au Pair experience prior to arrival in Germany. It also gives them practical ideas and tools for activities with their children in Germany.

The project requires that Au Pairs provide a document, in English or German, which covers a number of areas, namely:

  1. My German host family and region
  2. Childhood developmental milestones
  3. Simple crafts and snacks
  4. Storytelling and singing
  5. Childhood motor skills: fine and gross
  6. Make-believe and imitation
  7. Sharing and cooperation
  8. Language and development
  9. My country, my customs, my holidays
  10. Summary and wrap-up

The project is neither “right” nor “wrong” - but a personalised collection of their background, anticipation of and motivation to be an Au Pair. More information about this project is provided to Au Pairs upon receipt of their application.