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  1. What does 'Au Pair' mean?
  2. Can I extend my program?
  3. Can I Study in the US?
  4. How much childcare experience do I need?
  5. I do not have my driver's licence yet. Can I still apply?
  6. Will I get to travel?
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 What does 'Au Pair' mean?
The word ‘Au Pair’ is a French term translating as ‘on par’ or ‘equal to’. As an Au Pair you are welcomed into an American family’s home to live as a member of their family, helping them to care for their children while at the same time immersing yourself in a new culture.

 Can I extend my program?
Yes, you and your host family have the option to continue the program together for an additional 6 or 12 months. You must stay with your original host family if you wish to extend. Costs and Conditions apply.

 Can I Study in the US?
As part of the Au Pair program regulations, as written by the US Department of State, all Au Pairs must enrol in a post secondary study program during their year in America. All Au Pairs are required to take 6 credits (or the equivalent of 80 hours in the classroom) over the course of their year. Au Pairs who extend their visa are expected to take an additional 3 credits for a 6 month extension and 6 credits for a 12 month extension.

Host families reimburse the cost of tuition and related materials (books and supplies) up to $500. Classes must be taken at a university, college or continuing education program sponsored by a college. Your host family will provide you with transportation to and from your classes.

 How much childcare experience do I need?
You should have at least 200 hours of recent child care experience before your departure. The more experience you have, the more confident you will be and the better the chances of you being accepted. Child care experience is the top priority for our host families when selecting their Au Pair. We therefore recommend that you get as much experience as possible before you leave.

 I do not have my driver's licence yet. Can I still apply?
It is a requirement of the program that all Au Pairs hold a valid driver's licence. Therefore we cannot accept your application until such time as you have taken and passed your driving test. For safety reasons it is essential you are an experienced, responsible driver and will feel comfortable driving in the USA.

 Will I get to travel?
Yes, each month you have one full weekend free when you can take short trips. You also have two weeks of vacation time during the year and the 13th month to travel within the US.